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Top 6 Western Australia Cruise Destinations

Top 6 Western Australia Cruise Destinations

With a hugely diverse coastline stretching over 20,000km, Western Australia is one of the world's largest states with many treasures to uncover.

From the country's whitest beach to beautiful pearl farms and the only full-size replica of Stonehenge in the world, Western Australia is a destination on your doorstep just waiting to be explored, when the time is right again.

Discover some of Western Australia's true gems below and add them to your wishlist for your future travel adventures.

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Affectionately known as the Pearl of the North, Broome is one of Australia's most fascinating towns and has a unique mix of beauty and culture.

Enjoy the endless sandy beaches, pristine waters, abundant wildlife and tropical temperatures that make this former pearling town thrive as a cruise holiday destination.

Whilst you're there you can buy some of the finest pearls on the planet, hunt for dinosaur footprints on the ancient rocks and then complete your day with a visit to Cable Beach to see its breathtaking sunsets whilst enjoying a camel ride.

This northern gem is also home to Sun Pictures, the oldest operating outdoor cinema in the world which began operating in 1917.

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Remote and remarkable, Esperance is an unforgettable destination. From its incredible beaches and seaside vistas, to fascinating local history and unusual sights and handicrafts, there is plenty to see and do.

Feel the pristine sand of Australia's whitest beach, Lucky Bay, beneath your feet, visit the only full-size replica of Stonehenge in the world, and see how they turn fish skins into works of art at the only specialist fish and shark leather tannery in Australia.

For an intriguing insight into the local history and culture, visit the arts centre and galleries, before heading to the Esperance Museum for a fascinating look at the remains of NASA's Skylab, which plummeted to Earth in 1979, landing to the northeast of Esperance.

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Albany is widely regarded as having one of the most beautiful and diverse coastlines in the world.

The city was where the ANZACs departed Australia for World War I, and today is the home to the National Anzac Centre, where you can follow the extraordinary tales of battle through state-of-the-art, interactive displays.

Whaling forms a huge part of the area's history and you can visit the Historic Whaling Station at Discovery Bay, where you''ll get the chance to explore an intact whale processing factory and whale chasing ship - fully restored and ready for you to discover.

To witness one of the most formidable rock formations on the south coast, head to The Gap in the Torndirrup National Park and be prepared to have your breath taken away, literally and figuratively!

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Nestled in the remote Kimberley Coast area, Kuri Bay is home to a rich diversity of wildlife and corals, providing a perfect cultivating ground for pearls.

This northern treasure is also home to one of Australia's oldest pearl farms where you can get a deeper understanding of how these beautiful treasures are created and harvested.

Enjoy a guided walk of the bay, which is alive with sea life, including whales and turtles, and marvel at the magnificent red rock cliffs and a peaceful turquoise bay.

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The largest regional city north of Perth, Geraldton is a destination with an abundance to offer.

From the sandy beaches and turquoise waters dotted along its coastline, to its thriving arts and entertainment scene, it’s no surprise that this destination is becoming a real gem in West Australia’s crown.

Immerse yourself in Geraldton's rich heritage with a trip to the Western Australian Museum and discover the tragic tales revealed by relics of shipwrecks and even learn about the ancient Yamaji culture.

Sunny Geraldton boasts a Mediterranean climate and is home to a booming café and restaurant scene, with top eateries around every corner.

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Less than a 25-minute taxi ride from Fremantle port, Western Australia's capital city is much more than beautiful beaches and botanical gardens.

Be wowed by the history and impressive Edwardian architecture of His Majesty's Theatre. Now nearly 116 years old, you can enjoy musicals, operas and plays daily in this stunning venue, which is made up of intricately carved wood, plush velvet, fine marble, and rich red and gold mosaic work. A real visual treat.

Head to John Oldham Park and be enchanted by the cascading waterfall tucked away in the middle of the city. Whilst you're there you can feed the ducks and watch the birds playing together in the falling water.

For a tipple, take a trip to Sneaky Tony's prohibition-style speak easy in Chinatown. It's hidden, so you'll need to hunt down its entrance and don't forget the password to get in, which is advertised on the bar's Facebook page.

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