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To enhance the enjoyment of your cruise, a programme of optional shore excursions have been designed to show you the highlights of each of the ports of call. The Shore Excursions team will be pleased to assist you with your choice of excursions to help make the most of your time ashore.



You can pre-register your shore excursions online by going to Manage My Cruise.

It is strongly recommended that you use the pre- registration service as several of the excursions on offer may have limited capacity and all excursions are subject to availability. Please note Shore Excursions cannot be pre- registered over the telephone.


How to book on board

Just complete and sign the booking form with your excursion selections and hand it in at the Shore Excursions Desk. 



Pre-registered excursions are automatically debited to your shipboard account. For any bookings made whilst on board, the Shore Excursions team will ask you to sign in agreement that the amount to be charged is correct and will then issue your tickets accordingly.


Excursion Prices

The shore excursion prices include transport, guides, meals and entrance fees according to the published description. Child prices apply to children aged between 3 and 12 inclusively.  Children aged 13 years and above will require adult tickets. Infants under the age of 3 can travel on the excursion free of charge, as long as they do not occupy a seat and it is not a flight or overnight excursion. Please note that all minors (under 18 years) must be accompanied by an adult on shore excursions.



In the event of an excursion being cancelled, prior to operating, for reasons beyond our control, a full refund will be credited to your shipboard account.

Pre-registered excursions - Alterations to pre-registered excursions, including cancellation, can only be accepted up until close of business 5 days before sailing. After this all pre-registered excursions will be considered as confirmed as pre-registered figures are sent to the ship and agents before sailing.

Confirmed bookings - From sailing day, until bookings close, a cancellation fee of 20% will be charged on any confirmed excursion cancelled by guests for any reason other than certified medical conditions. After bookings have closed the cancellation fee is 100%, unless the cancellation is for medical reasons duly certified by the Ship’s Doctor.


Minimum requirements

All excursions are subject to a minimum number of guests participating. If this minimum is not achieved the Shore Excursion team will advise guests.


Excursion timings

Durations and departure times are approximate and the final excursion departure times will be confirmed on board. Following the ship’s arrival in a port of call the relevant local authorities must complete various formalities in order to clear the vessel and give permission for guests to be allowed to disembark. The time this procedure can take varies from port to port and excursions may only commence once these clearance formalities have been completed. Please consult the daily programme which will advise you of the designated meeting time for the departure of the excursion. Members of staff will direct guests and request that you have the excursion ticket available to hand to the guide or driver as you board your coach. When choosing multiple shore excursions in a port, it is recommended that you leave at least one hour between an excursion returning and another departing.


Choosing the right excursion

The organised excursions are designed to be a pleasurable experience and an enhancement of your cruise. Therefore it is recommended, before you book an excursion, that you consider the physical requirements of that particular excursion, such as the amount of walking involved, to ensure that it is right for you. Please be aware that some archaeological sites, palaces, temples, museums and old city quarters can sometimes only be reached by walking on uneven paths or lots of steps, which could prove to be very difficult for those with limited mobility. The Shore Excursions team will be pleased to assist you with any further information that you may require about individual excursions.



Depending on the part of the world that you are visiting, the standard of transportation used for excursions may vary considerably. Please bear in mind that coaches may not be air-conditioned and accessibility may be challenging for some guests. In some ports, particularly in the more remote countries, local buses, taxis, minibuses, jeeps and even open trucks may be used where coach availability is limited or non-existent. The notes in the excursion description should indicate if this is known in advance, but the Shore Excursions team on board will be able to provide additional information.


Whilst ashore

Shore Excursions will operate in all weathers unless the Shore Excursion Manager is advised by the local agent that it is inappropriate or unsafe to do so.

In general it is recommended that you wear appropriate clothing and, if necessary, weatherproof coats or jackets. Footwear should be sturdy, flat and comfortable as some walking will be necessary to gain full enjoyment from the excursion programme. When you visit churches and other religious sites, please bear in mind that conservative dress will be required.

Please always take your cruise card with you and it is also prudent to have a photocopy of your passport. Leave on board jewellery, valuables and other personal documents, and take only as much cash as you need for the excursion. You may find it beneficial on excursions to take with you a bottle of water, suntan lotion and insect repellent.


Excursion descriptions

These are deemed to be correct at the time of printing but the planned content of excursions is subject to change. It should be noted that some of the listed attractions in an excursion may be viewed in a different order to avoid possible congestion. The term ‘visit’ in a description implies an inside visit to a building, monument or attraction, whereas when the term ‘see’ is used in a description, it indicates an external view only. If not mentioned specifically in the excursion description, there is no time reserved for shopping.


Activity & water based excursions

You and all those in your party should be aware that some of the excursions offered may involve some degree of physical exertion and/or activity such as hiking, snorkelling, snow-mobiling, swimming, kayaking etc. When booking this type of excursion you are confirming that you and all those in your party are in good physical condition and for example only, have no history of conditions such as seizures, heart conditions, respiratory problems, dizziness or fainting. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit and well enough to take part in the activities booked and you are reminded to take care for your safety at all times. There is a possibility you may be asked by the shore excursion provider to sign a document which may limit the excursion provider’s liability. It is important that your holiday insurance covers you for the type of activity you are participating in.

For any excursion which involves water you are advised to exercise care. Alcohol and eating a full meal should be avoided before swimming. If buoyancy aids are provided, they must be worn. Please bear in mind that the sea and swells can be unpredictable and lifeguards are unlikely to be present at all beaches/venues visited. All activities on the beach and in the sea are undertaken at your own risk.


Excursion escorts

In addition to a local guide, where possible a ship’s escort will accompany each excursion but we are unable to guarantee that every coach or group will have its own escort from the ship. These staff members fulfil the excursion duties around their own work schedules and occasionally rehearsals or emergency drills being called may prevent participation at short notice.



Prior to taking any pictures in churches, museums or palaces etc. please check with the guide that there is no restriction on photography or video filming in that location. In some ports of call special camera and video permits may need to be purchased in advance but full information will be given on board during the relevant cruises.



For the comfort of all guests, smoking is not permitted aboard the excursion coaches/vessels.


Important notes

For the safety and assurance of guests, all the excursions are operated under the management of responsible and experienced local ground handling agencies, which hold the appropriate insurance cover to offer such services. Only the authorised Shore Excursion team on board are permitted to arrange or accept payment for such excursions or act as Excursion Agents during the cruise.  It is essential that before booking any shore excursion, you ensure that your travel insurance extends to cover the specified activity you will be participating in. This may necessitate an extra premium.

Your contract for shore excursions is separate and distinct from your contract for your cruise services, or your passenger ticket. Cruise and Maritime Voyages Ltd act as agents for Global Cruise Lines in the sale and provision of all shore excursions. For all shore excursion arrangements, your contract will be with Global Cruise Lines.

This information represents the shore excursion plans and intentions at the time of printing. Subsequent events may unfortunately result in an unavoidable change to plans, which could affect the published itineraries and/or fares. In the event of such changes or alterations, wherever possible you will be advised and thus all shore excursion information must be considered as subject to alteration.


Independent shore leave

Once the vessel has been cleared, shore excursion participants on early departures will be called to disembark first and then you can go ashore on your own as well, as long as it is not forbidden due to visa requirements; or where the ship has only a very limited layover time in ports when a technical call is scheduled to disembark or embark shore excursion guests only. If you go ashore independently it is at your own risk.

It is not possible to guarantee that there will be an adequate amount of taxis available in each port of call. On some occasions, a chargeable transfer bus service from the port to the respective city centre may be organised and full information will be given on board in such instances.

Please note that you have to return on board 30 minutes prior to the planned departure of the vessel. The ship cannot wait for guests who go ashore independently and return late. Organised shore excursions offer the safest and best way to explore each city during each call.

Cruising in the Amazon

The tropical nature of the Amazon means that it is likely there will be heavy showers during the day and so we recommend you take a raincoat and wear suitable footwear. The sun in the Amazon can be intense and the weather may also be humid. It is advisable to use high-factor sunscreen and drink plenty of water to avoid becoming de-hydrated. Insect repellent which includes 50% or more ‘Deet’ is also recommended as you will be susceptible to insect bites and stings.

You will find a diverse and interesting array of souvenirs for purchase in the Amazon. Some are creations decorated with piranha teeth, fish scales, insect wings etc. Please be aware that several of these may conceal bow and arrow sets, knives, blow-pipes or dangerous weapons and are not permitted on board our ships. Piranha souvenirs with their teeth showing may tempt you, but please be aware that the varnish used to preserve them soon gives way to an unpleasant odour and the bodies may include insects. We recommend that you do not purchase these items.

At some of the remoter ports of call local children and families may exhibit endangered species, such as alligators and sloths, to try and generate income. This can sometimes upset tourists but it is not something that we can control. By not tipping them, you will help to discourage this practice.

Owing to the infrastructure of the Amazon and the availability of locally trained Guides, it is possible that the same Guides will be used in multiple ports of call.  Owing to limited capacity at the various ports of call, a range of shore excursions have been planned and so please bear in that some of the forest/jungle walks may be similar in content. We would advise you to speak with our Shore Excursion team if you are unsure in which excursion to participate.


Cruising in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is famous for its rum and on many excursions rum punch and other alcoholic drinks will be available, however you should be aware that local spirits have higher alcohol content than those you may consume at home. We recommend that you drink responsibly and avoid alcohol prior to any activities, especially water based ones.

The sun in the Caribbean is very intense and it is advisable to use high-factor sunscreen and drink plenty of water to avoid becoming de-hydrated.

Many of the excursions in the Caribbean are operated by boat or catamaran and although this region is famed for its calm, clear waters, we do recommend that you take the necessary precautions should you be prone to sea-sickness. The owners of the vessels may ask you to remove your shoes for the duration of your time on board.

A variety of transport may be used in the Caribbean including open topped and open sided vehicles, jeeps, mini-buses and vans. Not all of these will be air-conditioned or have a p.a. system.

You will find a range of souvenirs on offer in many of the Caribbean ports of call. These may include turtle shells, flora and fauna. We recommend that you do not purchase these items, as this will help to discourage the destruction of natural species.


Cruising in Norway and on the Northern Light Cruises

The weather in Norway can be varied, and you may experience different temperatures including rain and snow showers.  It is essential that you bring warm, comfortable clothing and winter shoes or boots. It is recommended to wear 100% wool or similar quality fabric next to your skin. Layer your clothing, so that you can easily regulate your temperature by removing or adding a layer. Long-sleeved and long-legged thermal underwear (synthetic or woollen) is an ideal first layer. Outer clothing should be lined and waterproof. Make sure that you bring gloves, scarf and a warm hat.

The majority of shore excursions will operate in all weathers, unless the Shore Excursion Manager is advised by the local agent that it is inappropriate or unsafe for the excursion to go ahead as programmed. The ground will be snow covered and sometimes icy and extra care should be taken when venturing ashore.

Some of the excursions that we operate involve long tunnels, mountain roads and hair-pin bends. If an itinerary or route has to be changed for operational reasons a drive through a tunnel may be the only option available. Guests suffering from vertigo or travel sickness are requested to take the necessary precautions.

Towns and cities in Norway usually have trained guides, however there are less guides in the smaller destinations and local people are used. These may be students or sometimes housewives. What they may lack in knowledge is compensated by their enthusiasm for where they live and what they wish you to learn of their culture.

The magnificent scenery in Norway is sure to produce many photographic opportunities. However, please be aware that some of the excursions use mountain roads with hairpin bends and photo stops are not always possible.