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CMV Additions Packages

CMV Additions Packages

At Cruise & Maritime Voyages, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional value and an unforgettable onboard experience.

CMV Additions are a range of onboard packages designed to help you better plan for your cruise and enhance your onboard experience.

Starting at $13pp on Australian departures and £7pp per night on European departures, CMV Additions packages are available on cruises 5 nights or longer and include drinks, gratuities, exclusive discounts, priority treatment and more. You can also enjoy a early-booking discounts when pre-booking your CMV Additions package more than 7 days from departure, which can be combined with exclusive Columbus Club discounts: 5% for Gold members, 7.5% for Platinum members and 10% for Diamond members.

Bookings can be made up to 7 days prior to departure by contacting your travel agent or our reservations team on 1300 307 934.


 CMV ValueCMV PlusCMV PremiumCMV VIP
Services charges and gratuities for the duration of your cruise
Confirmed seating in the restaurant*
Priority cabin upgrade option (if available)
Welcome bottle of wine in your cabin
Non-alcoholic beverage package, including soft drinks at any time  
All-inclusive bar drinks (excluding Premium Beverages)    
House wines, including white, rosé, sparkling & red varietals    
CMV Signature Wines, including white, rosé, sparkling & red varietals      
30% discount on CMV Premium Wines      
50% discount on Premium Beverages from the bar      
Premium Beverages from the bar      
Whittard Premium Teas & Piazza D'oro speciality coffees   50% Off 50% Off 
One small bottle of mineral water daily in your cabin      
25% discount on dining in any speciality restaurant      
50% discount on dining in any speciality restaurant      
Priority status on Shore Excursion waitlist      
One small bottle of mineral water for your excursion      
Invitation to our exclusive VIP Party      
PLUS Additional Great Savings N/A  N/A Every 7th day free Every 7th day free
*Subject to availability. First come, best served basis.        
Price Per Night on 5 to 29 Night Voyages
Pre-Cruise Bookings $11pp $28pp $43pp $54pp
Onboard Bookings $13pp/£7pp $31pp/£17pp $48pp/£26pp $59pp/£32pp
Price Per Night on 30 to 69 Night Voyages
Pre-Cruise Bookings $9pp $24pp $41pp $52pp
Onboard Bookings $11pp/£6pp $28pp/£15pp $46pp/£25pp $57pp/£31pp
Price Per Night on 70+ night voyages
Pre-Cruise Bookings $9pp $24pp $39pp $50pp
Onboard Bookings $11pp/£6pp $28pp/£15pp $44pp/£24pp $55pp/£30pp


CMV Additions packages for guests under 18 years
 Junior Sailors
3-10 years
Teen Sailors
11-17 years
Soft drinks, juices and mocktails
25% discount at ice cream stand
10% discount on sweets and lollies at the shop
25% discount on Whittard Premium Hot Chocolates
PLUS Additional Great Savings Every 7th day free Every 7th day free
Price Per Night on 5 to 16 Night Voyages
Pre-Cruise Bookings $13pp $22pp
Onboard Bookings $15pp/£7pp $24pp/£11pp

Gratuities & Service Charges not applicable to guests under 18 years. Bookings can be made online or via CMV customer services without payment 90 days or more from departure. The package will be registered and amount due noted on the confirmation invoice. Full payment required upfront on bookings made within 90 days of departure. Cancellations made within 90 days of departure subject to a $50pp administration fee (excluding childrens and teens packages). Pre-cruise bookings may not be made within 7 days of departure. CMV Additions not available on cruises 4 nights or less. The 7th day free is calculated on the cruise duration by nights. Childrens drinks packages are available if sharing a cabin with two adults who have purchased the CMV Plus, Premium or VIP Additional Package.

CMV Additions Packages must be purchased for the entire duration of the cruise and all guests in a cabin must purchase the same package. Drinks are for the consumption of guests in the package purchaser’s cabin and cannot be provided to guests in other cabins. Drinks can only be ordered from bars or restaurants (including speciality restaurants) during normal opening hours. Priority restaurant seating subject to availability on a first-come first-served basis. Cabin upgrades are optional and must be opted-in at time of booking. One welcome bottle of wine per cabin. Cabin mini-bar and large bottles of water not included in any package. Columbus Club discounts apply: 10% discount for Diamond Members, 7.5% discount for Platinum Members, 5% discount for Gold Members. Columbus Club discount calculated after 7th night free savings are applied. CMV Premium and VIP packages on available to guests aged 18+ years. CMV Additions packages are non-commissionable. Drinks mentioned above are indicative only and actual selection onboard may vary.