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Norwegian Fjords Cruises - Top 5 Places You Must See

Norwegian Fjords Cruises - Top 5 Places You Must See

Millions of years of glacial activity created Norway’s uniquely spectacular coastline, an astonishing landscape of intricately carved fjords. Sail on mirror-calm waters surrounded by snow-capped peaks, soaring mountains and stunning waterfalls cascading over rugged, near-vertical cliffs. Ashore, spectacular railway journeys through wild, unspoiled valleys and thrilling mountain roads snaking up impossibly steep slopes promise truly awe-inspiring scenery.



Rugged yet serene, Norway’s fjords are truly stunning. You’ll want to spend hours just standing at the ship’s rail as you glide past remote farms clinging to impossibly steep hillsides, tumbling waterfalls and idyllic fjord villages surrounded by towering mountains. The ‘gateway to the fjords’ Bergen is a delight. Explore the Hanseatic waterfront, where beautifully restored characteristic wooden buildings house shops selling traditional Norwegian souvenirs.


Nestled at the innermost reaches of Aurlandsfjord the diminutive village of Flåm is dwarfed by the surrounding mountains. It is famous as the start of one of the world’s steepest and most spectacular railways that climbs amidst wild and dramatic scenery through the steep-sided Flåm Valley. Picturesque Olden sits on a branch of the tranquil Nordfjord. A journey through the scenic Olden Valley leads to the frozen cascade of the incredible Briksdal Glacier, one of the Jostedal Glacier’s many icy arms.


The gentle charms of Hardangerfjord can be enjoyed from the village of Eidfjord along with the largest high mountain plateau in Europe, the Hardangervidda National Park. With its quaint cobbled lanes, old Stavanger has northern Europe’s largest and best-preserved ‘wooden house’ settlement. From here, take a cruise along scenic Lysefjord and view from below, the famous ‘Pulpit Rock’ jutting out from the rocky terrain. The village of Geiranger promises nature at its most impressive. With its deep emerald green waters, steep lush and rocky walls, endless waterfalls and background of snow-capped peaks, Geirangerfjord is considered Norway’s most beautiful fjord.


Cruise Highlights

Discover dramatic Norwegian nature and enjoy a kaleidoscope of stunning scenery. Here are just some of the highlights…

  • Step aboard the incredible Flåm Railway and enjoy one of the steepest and most beautiful railway journeys in the world
  • Savour cruising the Geirangerfjord and take the classic Geiranger photograph from Flydal Viewpoint high above the fjord with your ship serenely at anchor thousands of feet below
  • One of Norway’s most famous waterfalls, Vøringsfossen near Eidfjord cascades some 620 feet into the wild Måbødol Valley
  • Take the funicular to the summit of Mount Fløyen and look down on the charming city of Bergen with its picture-postcard Hanseatic waterfront
  • Hike to the foot of the icy Briksdal Glacier an arm of the largest glacier in continental Europe, the mighty Jostedal Glacier
  • Explore old Stavanger with its well-preserved 18th and 19th-century wooden houses and Stavanger Cathedral which is Norway’s best-preserved medieval church

Highlights depend upon the cruise itinerary and may be subject to pre-registering for and the operation of specific shore excursions, and /or weather conditions.