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2021 European Cruise Collection

Introducing CMV's 2021 European Cruise Collection, our biggest selection of exceptional value cruises to date, available at Buy One Get One Free.


Featuring a return to some of your favourite holiday destinations, including the British Isles, Norway and Iceland, alongside the exciting inaugural season of the newest ship to join our fleet, Amy Johnson.


Embark on a magical quest to see the Northern Lights via Canada and Greenland, be amazed by the breathtaking architecture of the Baltic Cities or explore the rich history of Ireland from the comfort of one of our classic cruise ships.


Plus, be a part of maritime history and sail on one of our ships in the CMV Fleet Parade and Regatta, where all seven of our fleet will meet for the very first time in Rotterdam before convoying up the Maas River.


Where could we be taking you next year?


                   Greenland   Black-Sea   Baltics


                   NL   Norway  British-Isles


                                                GV   Regatta