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Panama Canal

Dating back 100 years, the Panama Canal is a feat of engineering. The dramatic waterway stretches for 77 kilometres through Panama, linking the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. On your cruise through the Panama Canal, you’ll not only travel through this manmade channel, you’ll also experience the true wilderness of Central America and its bustling cities.

As you travel through the azure waters of Belize, you’ll get the chance to visit the country’s port city. Jutting out into the Caribbean Sea, Belize City’s haphazard streets are bursting with culture, interspersed with colonial architecture and thriving shopping areas. Your Panama Canal cruise will also stop at Costa Rica’s capital city of Puerto Limón, and the picturesque town of San Juan del Sur, on Nicaragua’s southwest coast. Away from the hustle and bustle of these Central American cities, your cruise will take you to some of the most tranquil locations in the region. Roatán in Honduras is a turquoise paradise, complete with waving palm trees and white sand beaches.

Experiencing Central American culture and the manmade marvel that is the Panama Canal is best enjoyed on a cruise. Let the ship set sail and lead you to tropical rainforests, pristine beaches and colourful coral reefs. Look out for hummingbirds, squirrel monkeys, bottlenose dolphins and sea turtles, and don’t forget to pack your camera for this epic adventure.

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