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Norwegian Fjords Cruises - Top 5 Places You Must See

Millions of years of glacial activity created Norway’s uniquely spectacular coastline, an astonishing landscape of intricately carved fjords. Sail on mirror-calm waters surrounded by snow-capped peaks, soaring mountains and stunning waterfalls cascading over rugged, near-vertical cliffs. Ashore, spectacular railway journeys…

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Norway – My Way

Exploring the Norwegian Fjords in early Spring by cruising from a port near my home. This was a truly tempting prospect. Finding an archive photo of a 1960's family holiday in Norway - coupled with the thought of only having…

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So what are these Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon that has puzzled and charmed generations, but what is the science behind the northern lights? One of the charms and appeals of the Northern Lights is that each appearance is completely…

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The CMV Blog

CMV’s new BLOG is currently under construction and Details will be announced soon.

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